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From Leif Mortenson <leifli...@tanukisoftware.com>
Subject Re: meta info
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 03:14:20 GMT
    What does your collect-metainfo task look like?
Here is the one I always use.   Nothing fancy.
        <collect-metainfo destdir="${build.classes}">
            <fileset dir="${java.dir}"/>

    Several files should be generated in your build/classes directory.  
In your case, you
should find the following (Not sure what your implementation class is 

    If you find the above files but things are still not working for 
you, then my first guess
is that the files are not being added to your jar file.   Unzip it and 
make sure that they
are there.


Colin Taylor wrote:

>Hello anybody home?
>Struggling a bit with my first Fortress component.
>Marked up my class accordingly.
> * @avalon.component
> * @avalon.service type=com.blah.ShinyThing
> * @x-avalon.info name=shiny-thing
> * @x-avalon.lifestyle type=singleton
>Interface exists and xconf is :
>  <shiny-thing id="hide-ofbiz" logger="test">
>  </shiny-thing >
>Sadly the ant build doesnt do squat. Well it makes a META-INF/services
>and i get the encouraging lines:
>[collect-metainfo] Writing Info descriptors as property files (.meta).
>[collect-metainfo] Collecting service information.
>But no services file get writtern nor do i get any other messages.
>Any suggestions appreciated. I'm using 1.1 should I be using the CVS?
>Are the meta-tags still a work in progress?
>cheers muchly

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