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From Leo Simons <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject www.apache.org/dist/excalibur signatures (was: Re: Cron <henkp@minotaur> ( cd /home/henkp/checker ; /usr/bin/make -s cron ) (fwd))
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 01:29:10 GMT
(dropping private@, adding dev@).

On Mar 19, 2007, at 11:36 AM, Leo Simons wrote:
> On Mar 19, 2007, at 3:55 AM, J Aaron Farr wrote:
>> "Henk P. Penning" <henkp@cs.uu.nl> writes:
>>>   Some 29 other excalibur artifacts aren't properly signed :
>>>     http://people.apache.org/~henkp/checker/sig.html#unsig-excalibur
>>>   They are all owned by Leo Simons.
> Oh dear, I can't believe it. That's been broken for two years or  
> so, then.
>>>   ... I see some (all?) of the objects are symlinks to other things.
>>>   The other things /do/ have proper sigs, so it seems to be a matter
>>>   of missing symlinks (to the corresponding .asc's). It would be  
>>> nice
>>>   if this could be fixed too.
>> Ug.  We could add the symlinks.  The thing is, the symlinks should be
>> updated and really, they're not even useful anymore.  Personally, I'd
>> like to just remove them.
>> Leo?  Thoughts?
> I will find time to fix it tonight.

Should all be done (was indeed just symlinking to do). The main  
reason to keep the symlinks is google -- if someone searches for  
"avalon-framework-4.2.0.tar.gz" it is nice if they end up in the  
right location. Removing the symlinks would hamper that a bit.

I also note that /dist/avalon is missing 35 signatures, all related  
files owned by Niclas.

Also interesting from Henk's page -- there's a total of 3467  
artifacts in /dist, now. Of those, 659 are from excalibur, 640 are  
from avalon, and 561 are from jakarta. The next runner-up then is  
tomcat, with a measly 168 artifacts. In other words, you *still* have  
to consider us rather big by modern-day standard!

Now, should we archive some things? The policy says,

     "Older releases that you would no longer recommend to the  
general public should be placed on archive.apache.org."

that means we should probably get rid of /www/www.apache.org/dist/ 
avalon/ completely on the active mirrors and just have it on archive  
in theory, but in practice, files like avalon-framework-4.1.4.jar  
should simply stay up there in safety gathering dust, since that's  
still an active dependency for a lot of stuff "out there", and  
there's not really a big reason to not recommend it for use.

- Leo

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