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From Leo Simons <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] new excalibur release
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 23:04:36 GMT
Hey Jorg,

w00t! Good goings! This has been a loooooooong process :-)

On Feb 14, 2007, at 6:46 PM, Jorg Heymans wrote:
> The new release of excalibur is long overdue, but finally here it is :
> http://people.apache.org/~jheymans/excalibur-release.tar.bz2
> Also-1: i have provided the release binaries in maven layout.  
> Should we provided other packagings ?

While I can see how we can live with mostly just having these .jar  
releases these days (as weird as this maven 2 thing still feels to  
me, when I learned release management, installing javadocs offline  
was still important :-)), I do thing we should provide *some* sort of  
source release. Even if its just

cd excalibur/trunk/buildsystem
cat > release-r50771.sh <<END
# one-off release script for big excalibur source tarball
svn export -r 507711 http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/excalibur/tags/ 
maven2-release-working-tag excalibur-r507711-20070214
tar cjf excalibur-r50771-20070214.tar.bz2 excalibur-r507711-20070214
md5sum -b excalibur-r50771-20070214.tar.bz2 > excalibur- 
echo gpg --armor --output excalibur-r50771-20070214.tar.bz2.asc -- 
detach-sig excalibur-r50771-20070214.tar.bz2
echo scp excalibur-r50771-20070214.tar.bz2 people.apache.org:/www/ 

svn add release-r50771.sh
svn commit release-r50771.sh "Release script for excalibur- 
gpg --armor --output excalibur-r50771-20070214.tar.bz2.asc --detach- 
sig excalibur-r50771-20070214.tar.bz2
scp excalibur-r50771-20070214.tar.bz2 people.apache.org:/www/ 

(just made this up on the spot; not tested). Does that make sense to  

> Please cast your votes.

+1 from me.

On the release notes...

Here's two jira shared filters y'all should be able to see:
there just isn't much there; I wouldn't bother with making release  
notes out of them. Instead, below is me spitting through two years of  
our SVN logs...


- Leo

Excalibur-r50771-20070214 release notes
This is a backwards-compatible maintainance release of all maintained  
software, including packages formerly part of the avalon.apache.org  
avalon-framework, avalon-logkit, and avalon-cornerstone.

This is the first set of new excalibur releases since August 29, 2005.

The binary version of the distribution takes the form of a maven2- 
structured jar repository.
The main change has been a complete repackaging to work well with  
maven2-structured builds.

All version numbers of all components have been bumped significantly  
to reflect the new

Changes not related to the rework to use maven 2:

     removal of the "Component" marker interface on interfaces inside  
excalibur's components
   * re-instated excalibur-i18n package
   * updated license text and policies to comply with revised ASF  
licensing standards
   * code reformattings, cleanups, javadoc additions and corrections
   * r492440, fix for EXLBR-32, proper closing of URLConnection in  
   * r468933, fix for EXLBR-31, handle multi-level stylesheet caching  
in excalibur-xmlutil
   * r467579, more robust dealing with missing classes on default  
excalibur-fortress startup
   * r437037, reset lexical handler before reusing JAXP parser in  
   * r391887, better debug handling for SMTP targets in excalibur-logger
   * r390538, fix broken timeout feature in URLSource in excalibur- 
   * r374681, remove call to System.out.println() in JAXP parser in  
   * r366060, make fortress' TestContainer public for external use in  
   * r359876, improve null handling for logger in metainfo collector  
in excalibur-fortress
   * r358988,r358989,r358990, fix for FORTRESS-21, maven2 plugin for  
metainfo collection
   * r330744,r330745,r330799 add more reporting for resource limiting  
pools in excalibr-pool
   * r280457, add new removeCurrentContext() to ContextMap in avalon- 
   * r278681,r279496,r279498,r280510,r327966,r329206,r329208,r349071,  
extensive rework of
     excalibur-instrument, reporting on more details, fixing handling  
of null and NPEs,
     looking prettier

Security-related changes:

   * none

This is the best available release of excalibur software today. We  
recommend you upgrade if

   * you make use or intend to make use of a maven2-structured  
repository layout
   * you use any of the following packages:
     * excalibur-instrument
     * excalibur-fortress
     * excalibur-i18n
     * excalibur-sourceresolve
     * excalibur-xmlutil

This release has not been tested with JDK/JRE versions prior to 1.4.

Future releases will be made exclusively following the new maven2- 
structured repository layout.

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