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From Christian Heller <christian.hel...@tuxtax.de>
Subject Re: CYBOP Book
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2007 08:49:52 GMT
Hi Jaaron,

> > After five years I now managed to put all ideas into a book, which
> > I would like to announce to the developers of this list, because
> > I was greatly influenced by the ideas of Avalon. Here is the book:
> >
> > http://cybop.berlios.de/books/cybop/index.html
> Thanks Christian!
> I'm afraid the Excalibur community is pretty sleepy these days so you
> might not find much of a conversation.  But I've downloaded the book
> and will try to read through some of it (free time being what it is
> these days).  I was always interested in cybernetics, so I'm curious
> in your thesis.

Thanks and I am always happy about feedback!
But improving the book in a second edition depends on time, too.

I know that the book is not perfect. The supervisors criticised its
length. So just skip the sections which are too philosophical to you.

You won't find much about classical "Cybernetics" (as in Automation
Engineering) in it. But I've used the term because I tried to apply
ideas of biology and other sciences to informatics.


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