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From Christian Heller <christian.hel...@tuxtax.de>
Subject Re: CYBOP Book
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 08:01:39 GMT
Hi Leo,

thanks for your feedback!

> Heh. Interesting. PeterD did something not unlike what we called  
> "Avalon5" for a while, which had a piece to it called DNA.  
> Coincidence? :-)

Obviously. Can you point me to some documentation or the source code?
I am always keen on collecting new ideas. When did he do it?

I have done my first coding trials with "Configuration.java" classes
representing something like a DNA in 2002. I do not have the time to
search through the whole old code, that was restructured often, but
here is just one link:

The first presentation I gave in 2002 as well:

Note that at the beginning there was only "Res Medicinae", then I
factored out general stuff into the "ResMedLib", which later became
the independent "CYBOP" project.

> > I have signed this list some days ago and will stay here for some more
> > weeks, in case somebody wants to discuss the CYBOP ideas, COP, IoC  
> > etc.
> I wish I had the time! :-)

It would be nice to find someone to finance our ideas/ research/ work ...

> These days, when I talk about "metadata", it tends to be about RDF  
> and not so much about custom-parsed-javadoc hints to container  
> software...which is quite a different world (graphs, or rather a  
> "really big graph", instead of trees and containers)
> best regards and good luck marrying paradigms!

I have (in short) compared CYBOL to RDF and OWL. See pages 301-305:


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