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From Jorg Heymans <jheym...@apache.org>
Subject release artifacts built
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 11:25:08 GMT

After having successfully wrestled the maven release process into  
submission, i would like to announce the availability of all artifact  
jars in current trunk for testing. They were released from tag http:// 
release/ , the jars itself can be downloaded from http:// 
release/ (m2 style structure)

- The jars aren't signed yet
- It seems that some classes have custom annotations in them  
(discovered during javadoc generation). Do i need to do anything  
special with this? For the moment no processing is done.
- A full clean install from the root executing all unit tests works
- As discussed before, i incremented all artifact versions by  .01
- The maven poms are good enough for compilation and test running,  
however they might need additional tweaking (dependency scopes) so  
that ppl including them don't need to <exclude> everything. This is  
not required for the release however, keep in mind though that i  
might do a further point release after this one to get that metadata  

Right, how do we now go about testing the jars for production and  
release worthyness ?


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