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From Brian Vargas <br...@ardvaark.net>
Subject Extended ExcaliburComponentManagers Fail to set InstrumentManagers on Children
Date Fri, 12 May 2006 18:57:41 GMT
Hash: RIPEMD160


I originally posted this problem to the Cocoon user's list, but I think
the real problem lies within Excalibur.

I am attempting to add some instrumentation code to some custom sitemap
components.  (In this case, it's a reader, but I think the same problem
will occur regardless of the type of component.)  I have implemented the
instrumentation interfaces appropriately, but the component never gets
registered for instrumentation.

Specifically, the behavior we are seeing is that setInstrumentableName()
gets called on our custom reader, as expected, but then neither
getInstruments() nor getChildInstrumentables() ever gets called.

Tracing through some code, it seems that the proximate cause of this is
that the CocoonComponentManager, extending ExcaliburComponentManager,
never has its m_instrumentManager member set to the m_instrumentManager
value of its parent ComponentManager instance.  After some thought, it
appears that the Excalibur Instrumentation interfaces make it really
difficult to get an InstrumentManager from a ComponentManager, thus
making it really hard to initialize the concrete child
ComponentManager's instrumentation.

Any thoughts on what an appropriate course of action might be?  Am I
over-thinking this?  Is the InstrumentManager hidden in context
someplace that I could just use?  I am willing to write a patch for this
- - I just need a bit of guidance from the people who know this all best.

I appreciate the help!

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