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From Sasvata Chatterjee <sasvata.chatter...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: excalibur and maven2
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 14:52:10 GMT

Reason: Parse error reading POM. Reason: unexpected character in markup
> < (position: START_TAG seen ...ermissions and\n    limitations under the
> License.\n-->\n<project>\n<<... @19:3)

Can you tell me which POM?  I do have a Linux/Fedora Core box, but I haven't
updated the Java env. in it in a while, I'll see if I can dust it off over
the weekend and try the Excalibur build.

Are you using a dodgy xml editor on windows by any chance?

:-), I am in general a Unix person myself, so I relish that comment.  But,
unfortunately, yes, I was using Windows.  Combination of Eclipse/WTP, and
Vim-6.2 on Cygwin.

Also you seem to have reformatted all xml files, it makes it hard to see
> what has changed. The root pom looks good though so i guess the others
> will be as well!
> Yes, the indentations got really nasty at some point, so I figured it'd be
OK to reformat since this is before the first release we are going to make
(with m2).  But, I do apologize for making it harder to compare.  In
general, I did away with some dependencies, and pretty much eliminated
anything within "<build></build>".


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