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From Sasvata Chatterjee <sasvata.chatter...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: excalibur and maven2
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2005 14:54:29 GMT
> > Also, the resources definition is common across all the poms. for the
> > license, notice, meta-inf, etc.  It'd be nice to move that to the
> > top-level Excalibur pom.  Does anybody see any potential problems with
> > that? If not. I'll go ahead and do it.
> Ok.

I'll update the POMs  for this, do some testing, and hopefully checkin in
the next day or two.

> I have similar problems with Win-XP and Cocoon when running our tests
> through m2 - at least sometimes they run and sometimes they fail, so it
> could be the same problem. I never had time to search for the real cause.

After more debug, it turned out that there were two  types of problems.  One
was  that .xtest, .xlog, etc files were not being copied into the
target/test-classes directory, which were fixed with additional resource
elements.  Also, there were some delay(...) calls in the test code that were
on the hairy edge, at least on my env.  So far all the tests are running,
when run on a project by project basis.

Tests still seem erratic when invoked from a multiproject build.  I think
the memory usage grows, page-faults grow and things start taking longer to
"way longer".  All tests that depend on certain timeouts, like event/thread
tests, start failing.


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