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From Siegfried Goeschl <siegfried.goes...@it20one.at>
Subject [fulcrum] Current development state of Fulcrum ...
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 14:07:20 GMT
Hi folks,

it's time to give you some updates on the current development of Fulcrum

Avalon Framework

+) I upgraded to avalon-framework-*-4.3
+) Please note that you might run into problems when using the Avalon 
framework with newer Log4J versions 

Integration with Fortress

+) YAAFI provides now also the Fortress specific names for the Avalon 
+) Today I migrate the "urn:avalon:*" and "componentAppRoot" found in 
all services to use Fortress specific names
+) Peter Courcoux has plans to integrate a Fortress as additional Avalon 
+) afterwards you should be able to run Turbine with Fortress out of the box

YAAFI Container

+) I added dynamic proxies and interceptors to YAAFI - nicked a few 
ideas from HiveMind & Spring ... :-)
+) I added two interceptor services for service method tracing and 
performance tracing which creates CSV files
+) there were a few other improvements related to dynamic proxies - 
check out the changes report
+) this extensions are currently not intended for production usage since 
I'm just starting to use it in production (the eat your own dog food story)

Fulcrum Services

+) I synchronized my CVS development tree with the Fulcrum SVN
+) I'm currently resolving the conflicts of the dependency convergence 
report mostly commons-email, hsqldb and javamail
+) If I have time I look at using Cobertura as coverage tool
+) If I'm very adventerous I implement an "edel hack" to provide 
transparent service lookup, i.e. you are not any longer concerned if you 
are accessing an Avalon service or a good-old Turbine service.


+) I updated the Fulcrum web site to reflect the current development 


Siegfried Goeschl

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