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From "Stephen McConnell" <mcconn...@dpml.net>
Subject RE: A question regaring Avalon context mappings from Merlin to Avalon
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 18:28:53 GMT
In pricipal the Merlin context entries should be one to one mapable to
Fortress .. after all it's only a context/key combination and it should be
reasonably possible to map "[partition]"/[name] to [flatland] in Fortress.
The answer to this question comes down to the key semanticis in Fortress.
If Fortess supports composite keys then your "in", else, your probably
looking at a migration strategy.
Stephen McConnell
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From: Siegfried Goeschl [mailto:siegfried.goeschl@it20one.at] 
Sent: Tuesday, 11 October 2005 3:44 AM
To: Stephen McConnell
Cc: 'Excalibur Developers List'
Subject: Re: A question regaring Avalon context mappings from Merlin to

Hi Stephen,

for a given service component the context entries are static - but a new
DefaultContext is created during the initialization of the service based on
the supplied Avalon context. According to the Avalon Framework there is only
a getter() anyway.

And there are no plans to plug in a smarter implementation, e.g. to provide
JNDI lookup 


Siegfried Goeschl

Stephen McConnell wrote: 


Hi Stephen,

I'm apologize for the sligthly misleading subject - it should read 

"A question regaring Avalon context mappings from Merlin to Avalon 

Fortress" .... but my mail client was too quick.

My problem is that I'm migrating all of the Fulcrum services to 

Fortress context names and I got stuck with the "urn:avalon:partition" 

and "urn:avalon:name". So your answer is potentially definite but it 

doesn't solve my problem at hand ... :-(

Thanks in advance


Two question: 

  1. are context entries static (i.e. is there an API that lets you 

     modify context entries dynamically)?

  2. if context management is dynamic, does it assume local and/or

     or remote context management



Stephen McConnell




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