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From Leo Simons <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject Re: [PMC VOTE REQUEST] Excalibur Release
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 11:16:09 GMT
On 24-08-2005 01:44, "Sasvata (Shash) Chatterjee" <shash@badfw.org> wrote:
> As discussed in several threads earlier, this is a request for a PMC
> vote to release Avalon Framework 4.3, Avalon Logkit 2.1, Excalibur
> Components 2.1, Cornerstone Components 2.1, and  Fortress Container 1.2,
> based on the earlier RC1-RC3 releases over the past few weeks.

Can you please provide a reference to the actual files as part of this

> There are several issues to consider, however, for the vote:
> - As reported by Leif, qdox-1.5 has some incompatibilities when compared
> to qdox-1.2 for Fortress meta-data.  This can, hopefully, be worked
> around in the immediate future by substituting qdox-1.2 in the final
> application build, unitl a fix can be implemented in Fortress-meta, and
> more importantly, in qdox.

I might suggest delaying the fortress release and releasing everything else,
but I'm not fully aware of the issues. Incompatibilities are bad.

> - Vadim has suggested a change for removing thread-locals in LogKit.  We
> can go forever with issues every week, so my preference is to release
> now without the fix.

Yes. This problem is in the other releases as well so we can state the issue
is not fixed in the new release.

> We can immediately turn around, put the fix in,
> release a SNAPSHOT, and then wait for the next release <TBD>.


> - There have been requests for Fortress meta data changes and additions
> (in Cornerstone).  These also can be worked around with configuration
> files, for now, so I don't believe we should hold the release at the moment.

As long as the new releases are an improvement and don't introduce
incompatibilities or new bugs then we're not talking showstoppers.

> So, despite these issues, here's my  +1 for a release.  Community,
> please provide feedback on your opinions, and PMC please provide your
> votes.  If passed, I'll plan on releasing on Sunday August 28th.

+0. I haven't had time to verify the RCs and won't be able to anytime soon.



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