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From "Sasvata (Shash) Chatterjee" <sh...@badfw.org>
Subject [PMC VOTE REQUEST] Excalibur Release
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 23:44:53 GMT

Apologies in advance if this is not in the appropriate format for a vote 
request, please feel free to correct me as required.

As discussed in several threads earlier, this is a request for a PMC 
vote to release Avalon Framework 4.3, Avalon Logkit 2.1, Excalibur 
Components 2.1, Cornerstone Components 2.1, and  Fortress Container 1.2, 
based on the earlier RC1-RC3 releases over the past few weeks.

There are several issues to consider, however, for the vote:

- As reported by Leif, qdox-1.5 has some incompatibilities when compared 
to qdox-1.2 for Fortress meta-data.  This can, hopefully, be worked 
around in the immediate future by substituting qdox-1.2 in the final 
application build, unitl a fix can be implemented in Fortress-meta, and 
more importantly, in qdox.
- Vadim has suggested a change for removing thread-locals in LogKit.  We 
can go forever with issues every week, so my preference is to release 
now without the fix.  We can immediately turn around, put the fix in, 
release a SNAPSHOT, and then wait for the next release <TBD>.
- There have been requests for Fortress meta data changes and additions 
(in Cornerstone).  These also can be worked around with configuration 
files, for now, so I don't believe we should hold the release at the moment.

So, despite these issues, here's my  +1 for a release.  Community, 
please provide feedback on your opinions, and PMC please provide your 
votes.  If passed, I'll plan on releasing on Sunday August 28th.  If you 
vote, -1, please don't do it because past history says we'll release 
again only a year later, please do it for some other reason.


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