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From "Stefano Bagnara" <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: Phoenix. (Re: RC2 Builds)
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 15:47:32 GMT
> Leo,
>     Thanks. I'll take a look at these.  I tried getting the 
> latest version of Loom.  But it didn't work when I tried to 
> load James.  Missing jar.  I will play with it a bit more, I 
> imagine it is a jar version problem.  The instrumentation 
> code in Loom is pretty old.  It is using the old API before I 
> restructured it last year.
>     Do you know what James is planning to do in the future?  
> Being built on top of a frozen code base doesn't seem optimal 
> in the long term

Never tried to use loom, what is the missing jar?

I've just committed to james an upgrade to the latest avalon-framework,
cornerstone and excalibur libs.
I also rebuilt/updated the bundled phoenix to use the latest
avalon-framework libs.
It seems to work fine.

We probably release a 2.3.0 or 3.0 still built over avalon. We will probably
move to OSGi or a different container later.


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