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From "hammett" <hamm...@uol.com.br>
Subject Re: [Not yet a proposal]: Excalibur Container
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 13:52:56 GMT
----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Torsten Schlabach" <tschlabach@apache.org>

> What's the goal? Who is supposed to use this container for what? Why would
> any project choose this new container over any existing one?

Well, there's nothing planned. If we build something reasonable, it will 
attrack users, they come with more use cases, we can accept the use cases 
and work on the deficiencies and finally we will have a user-driven product.

The bottom line is that we are wasting too briliant heads around here 
without building anything new. I want to give the kick off, and I'm positive 
about how people will contribute, even by saying "man, that sucks, drop it 
all and restart all over" :-)

I'm aware that Berin has created a container implementation using Java 1.5, 
I have dig into it when I was researching to create the current version of 
castle microkernel. We could go from Berin's work or ask him what he would 
have done differently now, and then start from there. Everyone here - due 
all past and work experience - should have a perfect view of what make up a 
good container implementation. As long as we work - peacefully - on an 
intersection, we will be in good shape.


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