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From J Aaron Farr <jaaronf...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Excalibur Release Plan (was: Re: Release excalibur-logger, -pool, -component.)
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2005 14:56:38 GMT
On Apr 10, 2005 3:04 PM, Shash Chatterjee <shash@badfw.org> wrote:

>  1. Someone steps up as "Release Manager" to spearhead the release
>  yours truly


>  I have gone through and updated all the POMs.  Everything builds and
> whatever tests are there run fine. As it turned out, latest FW is 4.3 (not
> 4.2.0).  At  the moment I cannot check anything in, evidently I lack
> "karma".

You should have karma now.  If you don't email me.

>  Given the number of modules, it'd be nice if I/we didn't have to go change
> all the plugin.xml-s for the currentVersion and then everything else to
> depend on the changed version numbes for every RC and then the release
> cycle.  Any ideas? One thought was to change the hard-coded version numbers
> to Maven properties, and then define all the versions in build.properties in
> excalibur-trunk (i.e have one file to control everything).  The problem is I
> don't know how the POM will look when deployed to a remote Maven repo.

We had a similar setup over in Avalon which Niclas and Steve worked
on.  It would be a lot easier to have all the version numbers in one

>  Do I need to tag SVN for this?


> I am assuming I do. Unless someone tells me
> how to do this easily for all the modules, I think I am going to write
> something in Jelly for Maven to allow use of the multiproject plugin, derive
> a tag from currentVersion and apply the tag (doesn't look like Maven's scm,
> repository, release plugins do what we need).

You could tag the whole 'trunk' but tagging individual component
directories would be much better.

>  BTW, project-common.xml is
> evil for this purpose....need to tag the parent dir even though only a
> nested dir/project is being released.

You want to include the 'buildsystem' directory in each tag?   One
layout I suppose would be:

          /[actual source directories here]
Is this what you were envisioning?

>  Do we need to do source releases for the RC-s?



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