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From J Aaron Farr <jaaronf...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Excalibur dependencies
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2005 03:35:35 GMT
On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 19:11:34 -0600, Shash Chatterjee <shash@badfw.org> wrote:
>  Hi guys!
>  Mike Nash and I have been trudging through Keel's dependencies in an effort
> to Mavenize Keel's build system.

How's that effort going?

>  - HTTP client on instrumentation is great, plus removes the dependency on
> AltRMI, which  was never released as far as I can find.  Can we get this
> released?


We should also look into drumming up support for getting AltRMI out of
the Incubator.  If it isn't going to graduate, it could at least come
back here.

>  - Should we have a release (and keep a list of the versions of) all the
> various components based on Framework-4.1.5?  Since one can hardly have two
> versions of framework in the same app., it'd be very handy to have a list of
> the latest  versions of the Excalibur components compatible with  4.1.5,
> without having to trudge through individual POMs.  I'll work on this ASAP,
> unless somebody already has this.

Perhaps we should look into gathering together an all out release of
"Excalibur" including Fortress 1.2.

>  - In the repos, there is an  excalibur-pool-2.0 and an
> excalibur-pool-2.0.0.  The first one is based on fw 4.1.5, the second on
> 4.2.0....very confusing.

Indeed.  Suggestions for resolution?

>  - Fortress-1.0 is at ibiblio, but not 1.1, and no snapshots of 1.2
> anywhere.  Should we get some snapshot JARs published, since it is very
> stable as is?  I have heard several people wanting a release of
> Fortress-1.2, what is stopping this (other than effort)?  If effort, what is
> the list of things to be done?

I'll start working on a list tomorrow.

>  - We have repos at: ibiblio, two on www.apache.org (/dist/java-repository
> and /dist/excalibur), one at planetmirror and a development one on
> svn.apache.org.  The development one is understood to have the bleeding edge
> stuff  Why do we need to have all the other ones, and especially have a
> generally different combo of various versions in each repo.  Can we clean
> this up?

There was some talk about this on the repository list a while back. 
We should merge our jar repository with teh
www.apache.org/dist/java-repository one since that is then mirrored to

>  Once we get this list fleshed out better, we can enter some JIRA items for
> cleanup, and I'd be happy to take on any/all.

Definitely need this in JIRA.

Got any time frame in mind for any of this?


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