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From "Sasvata (Shash) Chatterjee" <sh...@badfw.org>
Subject Re: Excalibur dependencies
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2005 19:35:22 GMT

> Well, let the user run this goal himself. Only then all dependencies 
> are downloaded and present. Otherwise you provide a lot of Eclipse 
> project and most of them will claim missing dependencies. I beg this 
> would be much more frustrating ..

You are right, if the very first thing the user does is import into 
Eclipse, then the JARs will not be in the Maven repo.

But two ways are:

- Don't include .classpath/.project
- maven multiproject:install (this downloads dependencies)
- maven -Dgoal=eclipse multiproject:goal  <== * See my notes below
- IDE import


- Include .classpath/.project (maintained by Excalibur committers who 
are Eclipse users, like me)
- maven multiproject:install (this downloads dependencies)
- IDE import

* Seems like just one measly little step, doesn't it? So, why am I 
whining? The problem is that this step doesn't work correctly because of 
how some of the projects with api/impl splits are setup. We need to fix 
this, as Aaron mentioned.  Hopefully, that in itself will go a long way 
in solving my issue. Without this working, the user is forced to go 
through each individual directory and use the Maven Eclipse plugin,  To 
make matters worse, this needs to be done in dependency order.  In 
total, this is a very frustrating process, even for me who is at least 
familiar with the dependencies.  If we are trying to lower the barrier 
for Excalibur use/adoption, we must make this easier.

Also, checking out a project from SVN can be made to directly setup a 
project in Eclipse.  With this two-step process, the experience is not 
as nice.

I just saw Eric's note about Eclipse versus Idea (and Jorg's point about 
not having dependencies in the repo to start with applies to Idea as 
well).  The *reverse* is currently true, we have Idea support files in 
the repo., but not the Eclipse ones. BTW, I am not suggesting in the 
least taking the Idea files out, why spoil a good thing for them.  But, 
I am asking, why all the problems being mentioned for Eclipse aren't 
also true of Idea?


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