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From "Sasvata (Shash) Chatterjee" <sh...@badfw.org>
Subject Re: Excalibur dependencies
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2005 16:11:15 GMT

>In the grand scheme of things I'm thinking about two major releases we
>should be working on: a Fortress 1.2 release that includes releases of
>related Excalibur components and a Fortress 2.0 release that would be
>more "revolutionary".

>I'd like to see the 1.2 release out by the end of May at least. 
Let's get the list defined.  I can start working on it right away, and 
based on who else can support the efforts, we can see where we come out.

>If we
>get more people working on it, it could be out sooner (sometime in
>April).  Major blockers for me are documentation and a binary
>"platform" distribution. 
Although more documentation is always nice, do we need to hold up a 
release for that?
If we have less documentation than we had for Fortress-1.1, then 
certainly, that would be a reason to hold the release.
The binary "platform" is a good thing to get people up and running. 
What are the plans for the platform in terms of what it needs to do?

>I'd also like to see more tool support
>(Maven and Eclipse plugins) but I'm not sure if we'll get that out
>right away.  
I would love to see Eclipse .classpath/.projects included in SVN and 
maybe even in src distributions.
I had brought this up earlier, but there were some objections.  But I 
noticed that setup files for Idea are included,
no need for us Eclipse users to be second-class citizens (I say that 
tongue in cheek, even knowing how Idea-users view Eclipse-users :-)).
I tried a "maven -Dgoal=eclipse multiproject:goal", and it would work as 
an alternative, if it were not for some top-level directories having
a project.xml, and the eclipse plugin generating .projects for those, 
which messes up a simple import from the top-level directory.

Right now, though, it takes way longer to setup Excalibur in Eclipse 
than it should....the first experience could be improved a lot.

>Oh, and I'd like to simpify Fortress's dependency list. 
>It's like 20 jars right now.
That's always a plus.  Do you mean that Fortress lists dependencies 
unnecessarily (i.e. those are listed in the POM, but not referenced in 
Or, that we could make some simple changes to eliminate some 
dependencies we really have?  If changes, I'd say, let's get 1.2 out and 
do the
code changes later.


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