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From Shash Chatterjee <sh...@badfw.org>
Subject Excalibur dependencies
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2005 01:11:34 GMT
Hi guys!

Mike Nash and I have been trudging through Keel's dependencies in an 
effort to Mavenize Keel's build system.
While doing that, it appears that we could stand some cleaning up of 
releases and versions, and do some cleanup on the four repos or so that 
have various versions of Excalibur stuff.  I am willing to go through 
and put some effort in for this as and when  I find time, but maybe a 
plan of *what* we should get done would be the best thing to formulate 

Here are some of the things, feel free to add/delete :
- HTTP client on instrumentation is great, plus removes the dependency 
on AltRMI, which  was never released as far as I can find.  Can we get 
this released?
- Should we have a release (and keep a list of the versions of) all the 
various components based on Framework-4.1.5?  Since one can hardly have 
two versions of framework in the same app., it'd be very handy to have a 
list of the latest  versions of the Excalibur components compatible 
with  4.1.5, without having to trudge through individual POMs.  I'll 
work on this ASAP, unless somebody already has this.
-  There seems to be a Framework 4.2.0 floating out there, as well as 
4.3-dev.  What should the next batch of Excalibur component releases be 
compatible with?
- In the repos, there is an  excalibur-pool-2.0 and an 
excalibur-pool-2.0.0.  The first one is based on fw 4.1.5, the second on 
4.2.0....very confusing.
- Fortress-1.0 is at ibiblio, but not 1.1, and no snapshots of 1.2 
anywhere.  Should we get some snapshot JARs published, since it is very 
stable as is?  I have heard several people wanting a release of 
Fortress-1.2, what is stopping this (other than effort)?  If effort, 
what is the list of things to be done?
- We have repos at: ibiblio, two on www.apache.org 
(/dist/java-repository and /dist/excalibur), one at planetmirror and a 
development one on svn.apache.org.  The development one is understood to 
have the bleeding edge stuff  Why do we need to have all the other ones, 
and especially have a generally different combo of various versions in 
each repo.  Can we clean this up?

Once we get this list fleshed out better, we can enter some JIRA items 
for cleanup, and I'd be happy to take on any/all.


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