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From Leo Simons <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject Re: The YAAFI Manifesto - WAS Re: Plans for Fulcrum release ....
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2005 11:54:18 GMT
Hi everyone,

On 18-02-2005 00:54, "Eric Pugh" <epugh@www.opensourceconnections.com>
> I hate to ask the "When is Fortress 2 Done" question, b/c I know how bad form
> it is.  But I'll have to ask, as it may make sense for us to just shoot ECM,
> and use Yaafi, with the idea of waiting till Fortress 2 comes out, and
> swapping to that.

"Fortress 2" is more the general idea that exists around here that we have
some stuff to document, some things to clean up, some features to implement.
Or maybe that should read "a lot of stuff". It's clear that there's work to
be done.

None of that is written down anywhere central, there's no roadmap or
development plan, or anything like that. You know what these things are
like. If someone gets an itch and gets to work, there /could/ be a
revolutionised release in a few months. It might also be years. But I
wouldn't wait for it.

I suggest you don't actually shoot ECM (it's almost dead already, save the
iron). I haven't looked at Yaafi, but if that is what works for you now, I'd
suggest moving forward with it. As long as your aware of what things to be
weary of (and that seems to be the case), phasing Yaafi out later should be
doable, if you want to.

Best regards,

- Leo Simons

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