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From "Eric Pugh" <ep...@upstate.com>
Subject RE: Plans for Fulcrum release ....
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2005 16:59:37 GMT
Sounds great!

I won't be able to help too much on the coding side, but I am definitly
able to help on the integration side of things using Gump!  I am going
through and debugging the current set of Fulcrum errors..  :-)

If the Excaliber folks can lend a hand, we may want to think of setting
up two gump projects, one running under Excaliber, the other under
Yaafi.  Or, look at how our unit tests can be smart and run twice, once
under each container.  Maybe look at adding phoenix as well?


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From: Siegfried Goeschl [mailto:siegfried.goeschl@it20one.at] 
Sent: Monday, February 14, 2005 2:09 AM
To: turbine-user@jakarta.apache.org; turbine-dev@jakarta.apache.org;
Subject: Plans for Fulcrum release ....

Hi folks,

within the next 4 weeks I want to cut a new release of Fulcrum for 
Turbine 2.4.x


1) there is a new Avalon container called YAAFI (Yet Another Avalon 
Framework Implementation) to run the existing Fulcrum services. YAAFI is

light-weight Avalon container to be embedded in other applications and 
comes with litte baggage in terms of dependencies. It is intended as 
replacement for the depecated ECM and Merlin Container.

2) Fulcrum HsqlDB Service to embed a HQSLDB server in your application

3) Fulcrum ResouceManager Service - a facade for accessing resources 
currently file system

4) Fulcrum Groovy Service - allows execution of Groovy scripts with 
access to the Avalon infrastructure


1) YAAFI improvements
1.1) improved bootstrapping of YAAFI
1.2) transparent decryption of configuration files based on JCA/JCE
1.3) support for <component-type> to specify the container type to be 
expected by the component. This allows for reuse of existing services 
written for Excalibur, Phoenix or Fortress
1.4) support for <container-type> to allow YAAFI to be embedded in a 
Fortress or Phoenix container, e.g. JAMES

2) Fulcrum PBE Service provides a service for Password Based Encryption 
based on PBEWithMD5AndDES/PBEWithMD5AndTripleDES.

3) Fulcrum XSLT Service - intgration with DOM4J and Fulcrum 
ResouceManager Service. This improved service will not be backward 

4) I'm tinkering with automatic reconfiguration of YAAFI using a 
dedicated Fulcrum Reconfiguration Service. This service would monitor 
the componentConfiguration.xml and reconfigure YAAFI if the file has 
changed. This allows automatic reconfiguration without any client/server


5) a Turbine YAFFI Component Service to bootstrap YAAFI within a Turbine


6) Fulcrum ResourceManager Service provides transparent 
encryption/decryption of resources.


1) Help from the Excalibur community would be greatly appreciated to 
kickstart component compatibilty testing

2) Any who would like to work on bleeding-edge Fulcrum/Turbine?!

Thanks in advance

Siegfried Goeschl

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