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From Marcus Crafter <craft...@managesoft.com>
Subject Logging and FileTarget to user.home, etc
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 12:19:56 GMT
Hi All,

Happy New Year, hope all is going well!

Over in Forrest land, I've come up against an interesting problem
packaging Forrest for Debian.

The problem is pretty simple, there's a single installation of Forrest
for all users in /usr/share/forrest, but the logging configuration
attempts to create log files in a directory under that, owned by
root.root with no write privs to other users.

So, log creation fails.

Easy fix is to point the logs to a directory like /var/log/forrest or
similar but I thought of perhaps being able to put the logs to a local
user directory, perhaps under the forrest site build dir.

The thing is the logkit.xconf is configured with ${key} substituation
which only supports reading from an o.a.a.f.c.Context objet (see

What I'd like to be able to do is have it also recognize some system
properties as well so we can specify some additional keys to be used
when determining where to write the log files:


at a minimum, and perhaps any system property that starts with "logkit."
or something like that, allowing us to pass in additional -D parameters
on the command line?

This would let us specify ${user.dir}/build/logs as a target directory,
or similar.

What do you guys think?



      ,,$$$$$$$$$,      Marcus Crafter
     ;$'      '$$$$:    Computer Systems Engineer
     $:         $$$$:   ManageSoft Corporation
      $       o_)$$$:   Frankfurt am Main, Germany
      ;$,    _/\ &&:'
        '     /( &&&

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