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From Leo Simons <lsim...@jicarilla.org>
Subject Framework, Logkit and Cornerstone have landed in SVN
Date Sat, 23 Oct 2004 21:03:19 GMT
Hi gang,

I've copied over avalon-framework, avalon-logkit and avalon-cornerstone 
into SVN at


avalon-framework has been renamed to excalibur-framework. avalon-logkit 
is now excalibur-logkit. Cornerstone has kept its name. Versioning setup 
has been simplified (and versions bumped to x.(y+1)-dev), the ant-based 
build system called "magic" has been removed and things have been 
integrated into the maven build.

Random observation: our testcases kinda suck in many places, leaving 
around artifacts or failing every so often for no obvious reason. 
Another random observation: maven is acting rather predictably at 1.0, 
which is nice.

It all builds for me now (a few people running `svn up && maven 
multiproject:install` would be nice). As I focus on cleaning up 
distribution areas, it'd be nice if y'all could help tackle the following:

  * debugging. I probably made a mistake or ten.
  * versioning. Took a first step, but not sure if I got it right.
  * project.xml syncing. Ie have all excalibur stuff depend on
    excalibur-framework, etc.
  * docs. We need to have docs for the new packages up on our site. A
    first step might be to copy old cruft over from the old avalon-site
    CVS module, but we really need to get correct and updated xdocs in
  * releases. I really think we need to do a "release of everything"
    sometime soon. The current situation ("where can I find the latest
    release of X?" being a difficult-to-answer question) is terrible.
  * gump integration. Gump needs to start building this stuff from its
    new location.
  * cleanup @ avalon. Avalon SVN needs to be tagged and then have the
    stuff we took over removed.
  * other stuff. Duh.


- Leo

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