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From Marcus Crafter <craft...@managesoft.com>
Subject Re: - no subject -
Date Mon, 25 Oct 2004 13:31:44 GMT
Hi Matthew,

Hope all is going well.

>>From memory, Fortress already supports reading the ECM style roles file,
so it's quite possible that you don't have to change anything. Check out
this class:


Aside from that, It would be good to have a migration tool to build
metadata from ECM components. Might be worth enhancing the fortress
metadata generation ant task to handle the existence of a .roles file.
This would then let people use the newer @tags based and older ECM style

Let us know which way you decide to go :)



On Mon, 2004-10-25 at 14:49, Matthew Harrah wrote:
> I am insterested in creating the metadata that fortress requires without
> using the javadoc tags.
> We have an application using the old ECM roles files and turning its
> contents into javadoc tags into 750 or so java classes is unappealing.
> Plus, we are using a tool at development time that maintains our roles
> file for us and needs it to be there for us to continue to be able to
> use it, and it does not know about the javadoc tags.
> So, what I'm thinking is writing something to take the roles file and
> make the .meta files and the services.list file and whatever else
> fortress might need, perhaps through an XSL transform....
> You seasoned fortress guys and gals: does this sound feasible? Is there
> documentation (stop laughing!) about the format of the metadata, or do I
> need to reverse engineer classes like
> org.apache.avalon.fortress.tools.ComponentMetaInfoCollector and hack it?
> Or is it so simple as to be trivial?
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