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From Mauro Talevi <mauro.tal...@aquilonia.org>
Subject Re: questions: release management scripts
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2004 12:54:37 GMT
Leo Simons wrote:
> Mauro Talevi wrote:
>> I would find it useful to have rc's and beta's also in the main dist.
> infrastructure wouldn't appreciate that very much. You have to 
> understand that www.apache.org/dist/ is mirrored to -- I think -- over a 
> 100 sites. That's a lot of bandwidth, diskspace, etc. We try to be nice 
> to our mirrors and only send them content that'll be around for a long 
> time.
> So the policy as laid down by infrastructure is "only final releases". 
> Where "final" means "should stay up for several years and be mirrored 
> worldwide".

I understand - fine since there is another dist for non-final releases

>> Snapshots and dev releases can be deployed to the user areas,
>> tut then again it would be difficult to share these when building other
>> projects, because one would have to add the user dist to the maven 
>> repo list.
> The idea with dev and snapshot releases has historically been to keep 
> them on cvs.apache.org/dist, which is not mirrored. I have this idea 
> that we keep our maven repo right in subversion, as its so damn 
> convenient to have a unified interface into most stuff, and it also 
> makes all the "due deligence" (who the **** uploaded that javamail jar 
> there? A-hah! How dare you!?) stuff automatic.

ok - I'm fine to use cvs.apache.org/dist.

>> Perhaps, we could define a flag like
>> maven.deploy.type={release|user}
>> that takes care of setting the deployBase, which would by default be set
>> to release, and only when someone does not want to do a public release
>> it will be set to user.
> could work; I'd prefer having this the other way around (ie if you mess 
> up, no files go to www.apache.org/dist).

ok, make the user the default

> no keyserver. SSH key is passed to 'ssh' command for connecting to the 
> server. GPG key is a different thing alltogether. It has a "keyring" 
> stored on your local machine that's used by the "gpg" command. The 
> public part of your GPG key goes into a file named KEYS that we need to 
> put in SVN and in the distribution directory.

so until I've added my gpg key to the KEYS file the deploy won't work 
for me, is that correct?

Let me know when the file has been added so I can add my key.


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