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From Leif Mortenson <leifli...@tanukisoftware.com>
Subject Instrument status. (update)
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 19:37:50 GMT
Ok, the full Instrument restructure has been completed.

First the change in jar names, I think these reflect what they are a 
little more accurately.
excalibur-instrument.jar -> excalibur-instrument-api.jar
excalibur-instrument-spi.jar -> excalibur-instrument-mgr-api.jar
excalibur-instrument-impl.jar -> excalibur-instrument-mgr-impl.jar
excalibur-instrument-http.jar -> excalibur-instrument-mgr-http.jar
excalibur-instrument-client.jar as is.
excalibur-instrument-altrmi.jar is gone.

The contents of excalibur-instrument-api.jar are unchanged. but the 
other jars have all been
completely reworked.

The contents of the mgr-api jar are now in the 
package rather than the old 
Several interfaces from the impl jar were also moved into this package.

The contents of the mgr-impl jar are now in 
This makes a lot more sense.

The only change that Fortress and ECM had to deal with is the change from

This means that users will need to upgrade the instrument jars at the 
same time
that they upgrade Fortress.  Should be Ok as we already have the same issue
with the move from Excalibur to D-Haven Event.

I have gotten everything in Excalibur building and working again.  But 
this is
going to affect other containers which handle Instrumentation.   Stephen had
approached me about Instrumentation in Merlin at one point, but not sure if
it was ever implemented.

There have also been at least a couple users which have approached me about
using the old SPI classes.   Those users are going to need to make a few 
to get up and working with this new version.  They are mainly package 
issues, so it shouldn't be too bad for them.

Let me know if you see any problems with the new directory structure.  
At this
unless I discover any bugs, I am pretty much done with coding.  Now for the
fun part... The documentation.

Peter Donald wrote:

>Leif Mortenson wrote:
>>Once that is done I am going to reorganize the manager interfaces. They were
>>designed heavily around altrmi and I can make them a lot cleaner and
>>easier to
>>understand. (There will be no changes to the instrument base classes). I
>>know that there are at least a few users who are using these interfaces. The
>>way I am planning on reworking things it should be easy for them to upgrade,
>>but it will require a little bit of changes to code. Any objections? 
>go for it!
>>think it
>>will be good to do long term. This will go along with the 2.0 version so
>>API changes should be OK there as well.
>sounds interesting. Whats on the books for 2.0?
That should have been 1.2.  Mainly cleaning things up and documenting it 
so that people
can actually start using it. :-)


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