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From Leo Simons <lsim...@jicarilla.org>
Subject Re: Another Development List?
Date Sun, 11 Jul 2004 22:14:23 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
> This is especially true when it is just going to create more work for 
> others if they are not given enough notice. I had uncommitted files that 
> I was playing around with and it was a PITA to go through the steps in 
> updating my local setup. Subversion also does not deal well with things 
> like inability to delete local directories that are deleted in remote 
> repo due to local files that were not version controlled.
> In the end I had to spend about 30 minutes fixing up my local repo and 
> this could have been avoided if I had been given warning that such a 
> global change was imminent.

ouch! Sorry about that.

I was under the impression that subversion deals very well with these 
kinds of changes. IE the appropriate svn merge command is supposed to 
work since it understands and keeps track of the moves as well. Guess I 
have some stuff to re-read...

> Commit then review is fine except for design changes or changes that are 
> likely to break other peoples code. (Branches are much more 
> free-for-all). The change in structure is what I would call a design 
> issue. I think people should be allowed to have an opinion on a change 
> like this before it occurs.

ok. Sound sensible enough. I'll remember to branch first in the future.

>> With regard to the experiments hammett is doing, I hope its been made 
>> clear that they are just experiments, and that we agree this radical 
>> stuff isn't actually the way forward. From my own experience, dabbling 
>> with writing a different container or two can be a good way to better 
>> learn the way existing containers work, and I have no problems with it 
>> going on over here.
> To be honest I have not looked at it

same here...

> and I really don't have any problem 
> with whatever is occuring there. I have written a couple of interceptor 
> toolkits myself and know how much work and pain it can be

same here...

> so I think 
> hammett is probably doing a lot fo work that we should be thankful for.

same here...

> However I would also be very concerned that one of the many numerous 
> "AOP" toolktis were not considered.

same here...bob lee's is supposed to be good...


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