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From Peter Donald <pe...@realityforge.org>
Subject Re: questions: release management scripts
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 02:56:12 GMT

It looks like a new Maven is out so I did it with that. 
Unfortunately they made some changes to deploy 
functionality. I could have used the old stuff but decided 
to go with the new as it is not deprecated. Unfortunately 
this means you need to update maven to rc4

What I had to do to get this going under windows is the 
following. Download and install gpg


Generate key as per instructions at


The way the script works is if you have the string "RC" in 
the version then it assumes it is a release candidate and 
deploys to your own personal account 
(/home/${user}/public_html/dist) otherwise it deploys to 
main area (/www/www.apache.org/dist).

To deploy the artifacts you add something like the following 
  into your ~/build.properties or you can specify it on 
command line.

maven.privatekey=C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Application 

The goal to deploy artifacts is "excalibur:deploy", tagging 
repo is "excalibur:tagRelease" and releasing (which tags and 
deploys) is "excalibur:release"

For a sample of what the release produces checkout the 
following. It is not an RC release (I forced it to go into 
personal directory).


Anything else that would be useful to do?


Peter Donald
| Trying is the first step to failure.           |
|   So never try, Lisa  - Homer Jay Simpson      |

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