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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <cziege...@s-und-n.de>
Subject RE: component matrix
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2004 06:56:47 GMT
Ok, it seems yesterday was not my best day to discuss these things. Sorry!

Now I had some time to thing about the issues and here is what I got out 
of it :)

a) We don't want to provide a component repository here at Excalibur.
b) We want to provide support for things originally comming from
c) We have currently some components.

Now, I think if you look at these three statements, it's not that easy
to decide what to do. If we follow a) we can't provide b) etc.

Although we currently have more components, the components for me currently
in question are: sourceresolver, xmlutils and store.

Now sourceresolver is used by Fortress and it seems that we have agreed on
keeping it.

If xmlutils and store are usefull in general is questionable. My personal
opinion and experience is that you need in nearly every application a store
where you can store something in. And an XML parser and some utility code
for XML handling is needed by every second application. So in my opinion
these are very useful things!
For both we have two choices: keep them or "transfer them". If we keep them
we have a small component repository here at Excalibur. But "transfering
is not an option for the current users of the packages as transfering would
have the consequence of package name changes which is not acceptable for
So are we stuck?

I came to the conclusion that we should simply keep them and improve them.
Which means, remove things that are not really necessary, improve docs etc.
And then we can provide them as a "core component package" or something like
that which is an optional package of highly useful components. And this
include sourceresolver.

If we keep them, I will try to improve the docs and fix all build problems



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