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From Leo Simons <lsim...@jicarilla.org>
Subject Re: questions: release management scripts
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 05:11:23 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
> <ant:exec ../>

it just grows out of control...where's my

  * prerequisite check
  * argument validation
  * error recovery
  * sensible defaults

should I write all that in xml?

>>  * writing "interactive" maven plugins / ant tasks / java code is very
>>    awkward
> <i:ask question="Are you sure?" answer="result" 
> xmlns:i="jelly:interaction"/>

that /is/ neat.

>> for sure, it can be done with maven, but *I* don't know how to do it 
>> properly (I can show you some experiments which failed miserably if 
>> you want).
> Give me a sample gpg command line and I can show you how to do it.

the commands are right here:


for gpg its something like

     cd releases
     for i in `ls`; do
       gpg -v --output $i.asc --detach-sig --armor $i

> Or maybe just write a handful of tags in xml?

you really think it'd just be a handful? My experience when writing the 
forrest plugin is that you write hundreds of lines...and there's no 

...maybe that's just my limited jelly/maven/ant knowledge. I'd love to 
be proven wrong. If you can give me a few nudges in the right direction 
I might be tempted to try again.

question: if its so easy, why can't I find any examples of projects like 
ours which have all this already done? Do you have any?


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