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From Leo Simons <lsim...@jicarilla.org>
Subject Re: questions: release management scripts
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 04:38:39 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
> Leo Simons wrote:
>> I'm thinking of writing some ruby or python scripts. Does anyone else 
>> know those languages? I think the only alternatives are either bash or 
>> bash embedded into ant/maven <exec/> targets. There's a few things we 
>> need (svn, ssh/scp, pgp) that are just not easy to do from java, and 
>> hence, ant/maven.
>> Does anyone have any useful scripts lying around for things like 
>> tagging svn, generating md5 and .asc files, interacting with 
>> www.apache.org/dist, etc?
> Which of those steps can not be done with maven?

  * there is no usable svn library for java
  * there is no usable gpg library for java
  * writing "interactive" maven plugins / ant tasks / java code is very

for sure, it can be done with maven, but *I* don't know how to do it 
properly (I can show you some experiments which failed miserably if you 

What would you propose we do? Write a few thousand lines of java code 
and maintain our own plugins, figuring out the everchanging and very 
much undocumented broad landscape of maven internals?

I simply don't have the energy for that. I would very much applaud such 
an effort (hey Niclas, you hear? I'm applauding your effort ;)), but I'm 
not gonna do it myself. In the meantime, I think we do need something.

 > Why introduce more
> complexity?

I will assert the complexity is already there (in the use case)! The 
reason to use a scripting language is that I know how to (ab)use them to 
tackle complex problems and "glue" stuff together quickly.

For me, this is "the simplest thing".

> | The student who is never required to do what   |
> |  he cannot do never does what he can do.       |

as always, right on target with the quote...gotta love it :-D


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