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From Leo Simons <lsim...@jicarilla.org>
Subject Who wrote xmlutil,store,etc and who maintains it?
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 12:42:43 GMT
Carsten wrote:
 > What I don't understand is: if someone adds tests to a package
 > why he isn't interested anymore if they are running or not. So
 > the question for me is: who added the test?


Mircea Toma, Vadim Gritsenko, Bruno Dumon each added tests.

After that you can see Jeff Turner, Berin Loritsch, Carsten Ziegeler, 
Peter Donald, Leo Sutic, Leo Simons, and others make some real small 
changes (code reformatting, license changes, buildfile updates) but 
no-one ever adds a test. From the scattered CVS logs, it seems the last 
actual changes to the package were roughly 22 months ago.

It seems to me that the package has strong ties to code that originated 
in cocoon:


 From cursory investigation it appears the package was initially 
rewritten from even older code, to be used in cocoon-2. In cocoon, you 
can see half a dozen people (Stefano, Pier, Berin, Davanum, PeterD, you, 
Giacomo, ...) working on all this actively. That activity seems to drop 
as soon as the package is moved to avalon, and goes to near-zero soon after.

This is the oldest Store.java I could find:


among many other archived things, like a 5-year-old pico (!):


Who, how, what?
if you try hard enough and use a industry-size source code comparator, 
I'm sure you can trace a lot of code in excalibur down to stuff that was 
written at about the same time as the initial JServ code.

The majority of that really old code was written by people with names 
like Stefano, Pier, Craig, Vadim, and Peter (looking at the cvs logs). 
Java was just getting out of the diaper phase. Other people took that 
code and ran away with it. In the turbulent world of ever-expanding 
java, its impossible to figure all that out (our current day Store 
interface has lived in over a dozen CVS locations).

Most of these people have moved on to write other things. Don't expect 
them to come back and fix a testcase.



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