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From "Shash Chatterjee" <sh...@badfw.org>
Subject Re: [RT] About proxies and pooling
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 18:10:01 GMT

> I think we should always create a proxy.

A while back I did a performance comparison of Fortress with and without
proxies  (and posted it to the Avalon dev list, I believe).  Although the
component lookup time difference, with and without the overhead of proxy
creation, wasn't significant, the method invocation time with proxies was an
order of magnitude higher.  For applications that only lookup the component
once, or rarely, but make many method calls on the component (possibly
iterating in a loop), the overhead can quickly add up. 

I think the safety of not being able to cast a component willy-nilly is a
great advantage during development.  But, a choice of whether to have proxies
at run-time or not is valuable for performance reasons. 

On a related issue, I have found that the choice betwen java.lang.Proxy
proxies and BCEL proxies are important.  A lot of people dislike
byte-code-modified classes, all though that argument might be deemed bordering
somewhere between technical and religious.


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