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From Niclas Hedhman <nic...@hedhman.org>
Subject Re: Gump?
Date Sun, 20 Jun 2004 04:30:05 GMT
On Sunday 20 June 2004 05:24, Leo Simons wrote:

> Niclas, care to comment? (Niclas and Steve spent a lot of time
> furnishing avalon into proper gump shape over the last few months)

:-D  Gump is the most annoying tool one can imagine :o) and can be challanging 
at times. However there are some really good parts;

 *  Once the descriptors are correct, there is very little to do. Only when 
you add a new project, or a new dependency, you need to do anything at all. 
And since Excalibur is fairly consistent in its layout, adding a new project 
is a matter of copying another set of 10-20 lines of XML.
The transfer from CVS to SVN requires some changes in there somewhere, but I 
think that one-step procedure can be done with the true Gump Meisters (see 

 *  Should one run into problems, Gump has one of the most friendly and 
accommodating communities of all of ASF. Stefan Bodewig and Adam Jack really, 
really want to help, and will apply any and all patches that they can. 
Changes or info in your own codebase is what you are needed for. Also, when I 
was deeply involved to get mainly Exclaibur up on par, Gump only ran once 
every 24 hours (one of the annoying sides), during European working hours, 
Stefan would start a build if I asked him, to get quicker feedback.

Once I managed to get Excalibur in shape, these projects has slowly been 
increasing its FOG factor. (FOG, I have been told, stands for Friend Of 
Gump), and now belongs to the more revered ASF projects.
Another side effect from a working Excalibur, was that since so many projects 
depended on Excalibur, directly or indirectly, problems in other projects 
came into focus. Success went from ~30% to ~70%, and number of total projects 
went from ~350 to >500 (I haven't checked recently).

I hope this sheds some light on the most unqiue project at ASF...

  / http://www.bali.ac        /
 / http://niclas.hedhman.org / 

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