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From "Farr, Aaron" <Aaron.F...@am.sony.com>
Subject RE: [RT] Getting to the point of excalibur
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 12:48:28 GMT

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> From: Carsten Ziegeler [mailto:cziegeler@s-und-n.de]
> There is one thing I more and more dislike. It's the lookup
> mechanism in Avalon. I tried to change/enhance this recently over
> at Avalon. Instead of using Strings for roles and having
> perhaps selectors, a simple lookup mechanism that takes
> the interface and a key into account would do the trick:
> lookup(Class, String key).
> This would remove selectors etc. make dynamic lookups more
> transparent, removes the need for the ugly roles strings
> on the interfaces and can help with classloading problems.
> I still think, that if we have such a lookup mechanism
> and enhance Fortress here and there a little bit, it would
> be the ideal candidate for Cocoon and Cocoon does not
> need to write it's own container anymore - which would imho
> be great. But this is just my opinion about this topic...

I always preferred a URI/URL approach.  That way you could create a scheme
which could handle a number of different lookup mechanisms.  It also makes
sense to me that when we're looking things up, we should use a uniform
resource locator (or identifier or name).

At one point I started looking at how you could take SourceResolve and use
something like this as the engine for the lookup mechanism.  Perhaps I can
dig up those old docs and code examples...

J. Aaron Farr
  (724) 696-7653

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