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From "hammett" <hamm...@uol.com.br>
Subject Re: Welcome to Excalibur!
Date Sat, 12 Jun 2004 19:20:30 GMT
Hey folks!

Answering this question is fairly simple to me: I think there's a big path
of evolution for Fortress and other similar embedded containers, but
there're a lot of choices to make. Choices that can conflict with Avalon's
paradigm. IMHO Excalibur will provide a clean and fresh environment for
listening, accepting|refusing new ideas, that have got lost in Avalon's dev

My personal wish list for a container (language independent)

- Simple!

- Easily embedded even on test cases (attention to configuration files and
these sort of things)

- If meta data is used, adopt an strategy that bind the data within the
compiled .class file

- Simple..

- Supporting a broad range of IoC strategies and/or supporting pluggable
strategies and yet supporting auto-assembly of components to keep it simple

- Do not force the usage of an interface and an implementation. Although it
makes sense as an approach to provide isolation (and as a consequence,
reuse), in business projects you can face the situation where business
classes have to be broken into interface and implementation and you know
that the likelihood of having a different implementation of a business logic
is zero. I can detail this a little more in the future telling you what was
my problem in a business project. I think Pico and Spring do not force the
user to adopt it.

- Loggers? Hmm, why do not spread the Monitors approach once? (Btw have
anyone called Paul Hammant/Aslak to join us?)

- Again: simple

Conclusion: there are a lot of containers out there nowadays, I don't think
people would buy YET ANOTHER CONTAINER. However people would like to see new
paradigms, simple contracts (or no contracts at all). We have to try, to
And I'm positive that within the huge set of big heads around here, we can
come up with a nice nice nice piece of work! :-)

Welcome to us all, let's do it right!! ;-)

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