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From Martin Veith <>
Subject RE: Planning next Etch release
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2013 06:58:34 GMT
Michael Fitzner wrote on 2013-08-08:
> Get all builds back to green:
> - etch-trunk-linux-x86
> - etch-trunk-linux-x86-experimental
> => These two build have some problems with the APR Version; I try to
> fix it
Ok great, thanks! I created an issue [1] for that in order to track the status and assigned
it to you. Maybe this issue can also be solved by updating apr as described by ticket [2]
I have also taken a look at this issue a few weeks ago. It works perfectly on each linux machine
I have tried it on (fedora 18, 19 + Ubuntu 10, 11, 12)). 
So the problem could be that libuuid is not installed on the build slave, or we have to implicetly
link against libuuid to make the Ubuntu2 build server happy.

> Solve all Issues for 1.3
> Maybe
> we can share the work here
> See which Issues are importent and would block the release
IMO there are no real blockers for this release as the C++ binding is still in beta state.
We should solve the 6 remaining issues which are marked for 1.3, and then do the release.
The errors/improves which still exists could be solved then in the next bugfix release 1.3.1.
What do you think about this?

> PS: For the future it would be great to have shorter release cycles
> like 8 weeks
As already mentioned in one of my previous mails, this is also my plan in order to show Etch
is still quite active.



> 2013/8/8 Giorgio Zoppi <>:
>> Hi Martin,
>> what does mean No related source found Cheers,
>> Giorgio.
>> 2013/8/8 Martin Veith <>
>>> Giorgio Zoppi wrote on 2013-08-08:
>>>> Feel free to assign me C++ JIRAs..i will help out.
>>> Great!
>>> I added you to the committer group in JIRA, so you should be able
>>> to assign JIRAs to yourself now on yourown.
>>> Furthermore I updated all the issues where I know that nobody is
>>> currently working on to "Unassigned". So feel free to take any
>>> issue you would like to work on, e.g. the "TODO umbrella ticket ETCH-244".
>>> Cheers,
>>> Martin
>> --
>> Quiero ser el rayo de sol que cada día te despierta para hacerte
>> respirar y vivir en me.
>> "Favola -Moda".

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