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From Martin Veith <>
Subject RE: Hi
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2013 13:32:27 GMT
Hi Paul,

nice to meet you, welcome to the Etch developer community!

paul turner wrote on 2013-02-14:
> I can see that a lot of the java binding code is using pre-Java 5
> threading idioms.
> Is that something I could change to improve reliability/ performance/
> standards adherence?
> e.g. TodoManager and FreePool could use util.concurrent threadpools/
> semaphores etc.
> These a lot of good stuff in util.concurrent that could make the unit
> tests more robust as well.
Refactoring the threading parts and using the new concurrent API sounds good to me! If you
need any help by building the source, just let us know!
Short note: at the moment the Etch Java-Binding works without any changes on the Android platform
which is used by some of our users. We should take care that this compability is not lost
by using some fancy Java mechanisms which are not yet available on Android. But as far as
I know all util.concurrent is available also on Android. So feel free to start!

Another Java-related task popping up in my mind is the refactoring of the JUnit tests to become
compatible with the newest JUnit version. At the moment we have a hard dependency to JUnit

> Normally I'd raise a Jira, but I don't have permissions to do that.
According to the permission scheme every user in the jira-user group should have the permission
to create an issue. Have you been logged in?

> I do see that the Java bindings has not been changed in a few months,
> is it still an active project?
The Java-Binding is active and widly used.  As the runtime is kind of stable there haven't
been any activity in this area the last few months, but there is always room for improvement!
Our main focus of development the last months has been the C++ binding in order to bring both
the compiler and runtime to a stable status.

I'm looking forward to see the first patch from you!


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