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From Martin Veith <>
Subject RE: array element access in c-binding
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2011 16:37:12 GMT
Hi Scott,

Please look at the examples below:

Transferring Bytes: (the byte array showed below is converted to a native array):
if(is_etch_nativearray(data)) {
	etch_nativearray* na = (etch_nativearray*) data;
	if(na != NULL && na->content_obj_type == ETCHTYPEB_BYTE) {
		data_buffer = static_cast<unsigned char*>(na->values);
		data_length = static_cast<Int32>(na->bytecount);

Other data types e.g.  Int32 (all data types except byte are encapsulated into an EtchObject):
if(is_etch_arrayvalue(data)) {
	Int32  length = arrayvalue_count(data);
	for(Int32 k = 0; k < length; k++) {
		etch_int32* content = NULL;
		content = (etch_int32*)arrayvalue_get(data, k);

If you have further questions you can also send your code to us and we can have a look at

Michael & Martin

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From: scott comer [] 
Sent: Mittwoch, 17. August 2011 17:32
Subject: array element access in c-binding

thomas is bringing up the perf example from the etch examples with the 
c-binding, and has the following trouble.

for the method, sum, which takes an int[], it isn't clear how to fetch 
the elements out of the array. in general, a quick pointer to working 
with arrays would be helpful.

thomas is working on a pilot project for us, here at spawn labs, to 
bring up the c-binding in an image compare service which will be part of 
our mostly java service cloud for game play. the c-binding is important 
to us for other projects as well, including core communications for our 
video appliance and dynamic firewall control.

any help or examples would be appreciated.

scott out

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