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From Armin Müller (JIRA) <>
Subject [jira] [Commented] (ETCH-157) UDP implementation for Java, C# and C binding
Date Mon, 30 May 2011 06:32:47 GMT


Armin Müller commented on ETCH-157:

Hi Michael,

currently mono support in Etch is experimental and a mono version of Etch is not compiled
by default. You have to specify -DUSE.mono to also compile a mono version. After applying
my patch, mono support is still not enabled by default and mono binaries are only built, if
you have installed a recent mono version (> 2.10.1) in ${ETCH_EXTERNAL_DEPENDS}/mono/<version>
according to the path defined in build.dependencies.

I first tried to use mono version 2.6.7 (available in current Ubuntu distributions), and compile
the C# binding and examples/example with mono. Unfortunately this wasn't successful. I could
compile the binding but no executables were created for the example. Did it work for you before
you applied some of the provided UDP patches? After modifying the build scripts to build the
example I had errors when running the example.

So I decided to compile and use the latest stable version of mono (2.10.1 at that time). The
only remaining error when running one of my programs was, that the HPTimer class depends on
Win32 API calls to kernel32.dll, which is only available on Windows. After modifying the HPTimer
class, by replacing the Win32 API calls with core .net methods and using mono 2.10.1 I could
execute successfully the example and also my programs, which was not possible with mono 2.6.7.

You also mentioned the compatibility list of mono. C# 4.0 is fully implemented. The missing
parts of the .net4 framework are not relevant for using Etch. We don't need WPF or the EntityFramework.

So I think we shouldn't try to support mono 2.6. Future releases of distributions will include
new versions of mono and if someone wants to use the optional supported mono version of Etch,
he can compile the latest mono version (see the script I used below). At least with this patch
it is possible to use Etch with mono, which wasn't possible before for me.


Script I used to compile mono on Ubuntu 10.10. Modify MONOVER, GDIPLUSVER and INSTALLDIR.



sudo aptitude install build-essential libc6-dev g++ gcc libglib2.0-dev pkg-config bison gettext
autoconf automake libtool libpango1.0-dev libatk1.0-dev libgtk2.0-dev libtiff4-dev libgif-dev

mkdir -p $BUILDDIR
tar -xvjf libgdiplus-${GDIPLUSVER}.tar.bz2
tar -xvjf mono-${MONOVER}.tar.bz2

cd libgdiplus-${GDIPLUSVER}
./configure --prefix=${INSTALLDIR}
make install

cd mono-${MONOVER}
./configure --prefix=${INSTALLDIR}
make install

> UDP implementation for Java, C# and C binding
> ---------------------------------------------
>                 Key: ETCH-157
>                 URL:
>             Project: Etch
>          Issue Type: New Feature
>          Components: build, c-binding, compiler, csharp-binding, examples, java-binding,
>    Affects Versions: 1.2
>            Reporter: Armin Müller
>              Labels: patch
>         Attachments: 0001-build-add-skip.examples-property.patch, 0002-binding-csharp-bump-dependencies-to-.NET-4.0-and-NUn.patch,
0003-binding-csharp-add-mono-support.patch, 0004-binding-csharp-add-udp-transport-support.patch,
0005-binding-java-add-udp-transport-support.patch, 0006-binding-csharp-add-udp-single-session-support.patch,
0007-binding-java-add-udp-single-session-support.patch, 0008-binding-c-add-inet_who-object.patch,
0009-binding-c-add-udp-single-session-transport.patch, 0010-compiler-add-Signal-annotation-support.patch,
0011-binding-csharp-add-Signal-support.patch, 0012-binding-java-add-Signal-support.patch,
0013-binding-c-extend-send-sendex-for-etch_who.patch, 0014-binding-c-add-Signal-support.patch,
0015-examples-add-signals-example-for-csharp-java-and-c.patch, Etch_UDP_Multi_Session.png,
Etch_UDP_Single_Session.png, Leightweight_Etch_UDP_Server.txt
> Hi,
> attached are a series of patches, which add UDP support to Etch for the Java, C# and
C bindings. It can be used in place of TCP by replacing the url scheme with UDP. The UDP transport
support has been extended with a configurable single session mode, which can be used to run
leightweight servers. Please see the attached file "Leightweight_Etch_Server.txt" for a more
detailed description of this mode. It has been written in the confluence wiki style syntax
and together with the attached images it's suitable for creating a new etch documentation
page. The single session mode has been extended further with a support for one-way method
calls from the server to multiple clients. For more information, please look at the "Signals"
section and the attached patch files.
> The UDP implementation for the C binding is limited to single session mode. It limits
the ability of etch servers to call methods of more than one remote client. The signal extension
can be used to avoid this limitation.
> Below a short description of the attached patches is listed. They can be applied using
the following GIT command: "git am -k --keep-cr --whitespace=nowarn <path>/*.patch"
or can be applied to a clean SVN checkout:  "patch -p1 -i <path>/*.patch".
> * Add property to skip building of the examples:
> 0001-build-add-skip.examples-property.patch
> * Bump dependency to .NET 4.0 and NUnit 2.5.9. The C# UDP implementation is based on
features available in .NET 4.0.
> 0002-binding-csharp-bump-dependencies-to-.NET-4.0-and-NUn.patch
> * Add runtime and build support for the Mono framework (Mono >= 2.10.1, C#).
> 0003-binding-csharp-add-mono-support.patch
> * Make UDP and TCP protocols seamlessly interchangable in Etch (UDP support for C# and
> 0004-binding-csharp-add-udp-transport-support.patch
> 0005-binding-java-add-udp-transport-support.patch
> * Add configurable server single session mode. URL parameter: UdpConnection.singleSession=true
> 0006-binding-csharp-add-udp-single-session-support.patch
> 0007-binding-java-add-udp-single-session-support.patch
> * Add inet_who object to track remote etch clients. Required by the C UDP implementation.
> 0008-binding-c-add-inet_who-object.patch
> * Add UDP transport support to the C binding (single session only). The "UdpConnection.singleSession"
url parameter is not supported and ignored. A patched version of APR (test with version 1.4.2)
is required to send broadcast messages under Linux. The patch has been submitted, but is currently
not integrated (see
> 0009-binding-c-add-UDP-single-session-transport.patch
> * Add signal support for single session mode. See the attached "Leightweight_Etch_Server.txt"
> 0010-compiler-add-Signal-annotation-support.patch
> 0011-binding-csharp-add-Signal-support.patch
> 0012-binding-java-add-Signal-support.patch
> 0013-binding-c-extend-send-sendex-for-etch_who.patch
> 0014-binding-c-add-Signal-support.patch
> * Add signal examples for the C#, Java and C binding.
> 0015-examples-add-signals-example-for-csharp-java-and-c.patch
> Authors:
> Armin Müller <> (itestra GmbH by order of BMW Group Research
and Technology)
> Aleksandar Kanchev <> (itestra GmbH by order of BMW Group Research
and Technology)

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