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From Martijn Dashorst <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] IRC Channel for Etch
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2011 22:21:40 GMT
On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 11:14 PM, Michael Fitzner
<> wrote:
> I would like to create an IRC channel for Apache Etch at freenode. For
> doing this we need to register a group at freenode (see
> to get a primary
> channel like #etch.
> Is anybody familiar with this and know what kind of infos have to be provided?
> @Martijn I have seen a IRC channel for WICKET
> irc://; do you know what we should fill
> out for register to freenode?

I don't know the proper channels... I didn't create/ask for the wicket
channel. I do think that freenode has some documentation to get a
channel. You can ask in ##wicket how they did it.

While it is perfectly fine to have a IRC channel for support, getting
users to join etc, make sure all developer community decisions are
made on the dev list. No decisions should be made outside the dev list
(or JIRA). This includes of course talking at the water cooler, coffee
maker. If you discuss something material to your project outside the
dev@ channel, please take it back to the list to ensure that others
can join the discussion.

This also ensures the project looks alive (messages being archived is
a very good indicator of a healthy project), and allows others to join
the discussion—opening the possibility of gaining other committers.

The reasons why there's a tendency to disfavor IRC channels is that
they are rather an exclusive communication channel: you need to be
online to be able to discuss, typically the channels are not logged
and not everybody is able to join IRC from work (and might not be able
to work in spare time). Often geographical distribution is also a
problem due to the different timezones.


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