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From Florian Weimer <>
Subject Re: Future of Etch
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2010 08:20:51 GMT
* Martijn Dashorst:

> From a mentoring perspective, it is very hard to do anything when
> nothing is happening. No commits means no code being contributed, no
> code being contributed means no releases, and no discussions.
> Attracting new committers is difficult, but if you only sit back and
> do nothing, why would anybody join? How would anybody find out about
> etch? An article from 2008? If you look at an open source project and
> you see one commit in a year, 5 messages to all lists, would you
> conclude that the project is healthy and thriving and a sound choice?

That are all valid concerns (I was surprised to learn that there
apparently is a C binding, for instance).  On the other hand, there
are other similar frameworks which thrive despite a lack of
documentation for basic aspects such as IDL syntax and on-the-wire

> As far as I'm concerned there are 2 options on the table:
>  - continue incubation and re-evaluate after 6 months and strive to
> become a viable community
>  - stop incubation, and take the code elsewhere (github, google code,
> or just in-house development)

What puzzles me (as someone who is not familiar with the internal
workings of the ASF): there are four or five projects which are quite
similar in scope inside the ASF in the serialization/RPC area (Avro,
Axis2 and Xerces, Etch, Thrift).

Anyway, we're looking into evolving our own internal RPC at some point
in the near feature, and Etch is a candidate.  Like most other
candidates, it does not seem to offer one particular feature we're
interested in (streaming of large lists and blobs).

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