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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Future of Etch
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2010 16:47:59 GMT
On 09/08/2010 08:01 AM, Holger Grandy wrote:
> - someone (James?) please provide Jira Admin rights for michael
>    (user id: fitzner) and holger (user id: grandyho)
>    so that we are able to clean up the Jira tasks


> - please provide some information regarding the workflow to officially releases
>    in the ASF. We have seen that the last etch release was packaged to the
>    private website "public_html" of webspace of James Dixson. Guess that is
not how it is
>    intended to be. I would like to see releases here:
>    - or
>    -
>    Can we follow the process described at
> ?


> - set up  Etch builds for windows and linux on hudson build server.
>    Following it should be possible
>    to get access to the build servers for our project. I think our mentors
>    are the right persons to answer this question. Perfect would be a hudson user
>    account for administration of the builds at and
>    shell accounts for the Ubuntu ( or
>    and the Windows ( nodes to run the builds.
>    How does remote access for Windows work in this case? is remote desktop supported?

I can add a Hudson account for someone.  Who should I add?

> - please provide an overview about infrastructure roles inside the
>    etch project, so that everyone knows how is the right person to ask	
>    for certain jobs (e.g. svn rights, mailing list administration, ...)	

Any mentor should be able to update svn rights.  Once the project 
graduates, its chair is given this ability.

Mailing-lists are administered by moderators.  Would you and Michael 
like to be moderators for Etch's lists?  You can submit a request to 
moderate through the INFRA Jira, an email to infrastructure@, or 
sometimes just by asking nicely on the #asfinfra IRC channel.


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