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From Martijn Dashorst <>
Subject Re: [vote] release apache etch 1.1.0 incubating (rc3)
Date Mon, 26 Apr 2010 19:49:52 GMT
Thanks for Scott reminding me to reply... According to the date this
happened during the time my son was born, so pretty stressful at that
time. And since then my inbox was piling up on messages.

All my issues I've noted were non-blockers so you could go ahead and
try to get the 1.1 code past the IPMC—a release requires at least 3
binding +1 votes from a PMC (and the Incubator PMC is ours). You have
my +1.

Comments inline below:

On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 5:49 AM, scott comer <> wrote:
>>  - .classpath files from Eclipse are usually picked upon when trying
>> to get the release vetted, you might want to formulate an answer as
>> to why they are necessary or get rid of them
> they are necessary for eclipse development. why would they be picked on?

We usually don't target a single IDE for development within projects.
These files are easily generated (mvn eclipse:eclipse, or import the
ant build.xml file), so could be seen as superfluous. In the past
people have eyed the eclipse specific files.

Nothing major, but something you should be prepared for to receive comments on.

>>  - several notes.txt files don't have a license header. Since they are
>> distributed, and copyrighted, they should have a license header. I know
>> it makes them less readable.
>> If you don't want to put a license header in, then have an answer
>> prepared when/if the question comes up.
> i don't see the notes files as intellectual property in need of protection.
> the README.txt doesn't have such protection. is there a short version
> of a header that we could put in? one line? what
> might be good would be positive confirmation in the file itself that no
> protection was needed, and  have rat honor that.

Well, the header is not needed for protection: it is needed to make it clear
to your users that the file can be used according to the ASL. Probably
unnecessary since the whole distribution is ASL unless specified otherwise
(in the LICENSE file).

>> Maven stuff: groupid should be org.apache.etch (in the README.txt it
>> is referenced as etch.etch)
> eek. i thought that was stamped out.

You might want to fix this and re-roll the release. I don't see it as
a blocker, but since you want to have this done at one time, why not
do it now.

Even though not much has happened in the last 9 months or so, I
suggest recutting the release and polishing it with at least the
groupId fix. Have a fresh vote and get the release out in the public!

It's nice to see the interest picking up again, keep up the good work!


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