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From Peter Rodgers <>
Subject Streaming Support / Project Status
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2010 20:00:40 GMT
I've been playing with Etch in Java and have successfully got a client 
talking with a server with a full bi-directional conversation. Currently 
the messages are just simple string exchanges.

I can see that I can easily extend types by using @Extern and defining a 
serializer by extending ImportExportHelper.  However for various 
reasons, mostly to do with the memory overhead of using byte[], I really 
want to be able to send byte streams.

In Java the objects I need to send over the wire can give me an 
InputStream or can write(OutputStream).  Is there any way for me to 
issue streams?  Presumably somehow I could go below the Message layer 
and write to the Packetizer / Stream Transport layer - but that seems a 
bit hacky.

I can see that part of Etch's intent is to abstract away from streams - 
but I need a mixed solution where I can send struct-like object messages 
for protocol-state transfer and streaming for data payload.

Reading over the mailing list I see that activity has been pretty quiet 
and the 1.1 release doesn't seem to have made it yet.  Is this project 
still active?

Thanks in advance,


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