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From scott comer <>
Subject please welcome new etch committer manoj ganesan
Date Fri, 24 Apr 2009 16:48:20 GMT
manoj ganesan has been accepted by the incubator pmc to be our newest etch

manoj isn't, though, new to etch. he was a summer intern for cisco in 
2007, and
with another intern created the c# binding and also helped a lot with 
and testing of the java binding and started work on the ruby binding. 
fall 2008 he
was hired full time by cisco, and worked on projects which used etch but 
was not
added as committer when etch was open sourced. recently he developed and
contributed the code for the etch name service. he is now no longer with 
cisco and
is in transition to another job.

manoj, please respond with:

Prefered Apache ID
Alternative IDs (if above is taken)
Full Name
Forward Email Address (The mail address should be personal and
long-term sustainable. That's the initial address for where
"" will go to.)

scott out

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