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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Reporting
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2009 05:44:08 GMT

Please note that Etch is bound to report its progress to the Incubator
for submission in its Board Report.

This happens every Quarter, and all top level projects have quarterly
reports (except Incubator that has monthly ones).

The report should contain;
* Brief what it is all about. Standard phrase every time same.

* Any community progress, such as new committers, PPMC members and such.

* Overall development progress.

* Impediments, problems and any cautions for concern of any type.

The report is submitted by email by the PMC, but for Incubator
podlings, we are supposed to edit the Report on the wiki directly,
which is later sent in as an email.

The report is at this point not populated at all, but see the one for ideas how it
will look like. Note that the DEADLINE is the 11th March, and no
slacking is tolerated (you may have seen discussion on
general@incubator.a.o that plans for sanctions are being discussed.).

Etch have had a lot of good development, and I hope you will be able
to produce a report without my participation this time, but I will
chip in if I think it is needed.

-- - New Energy for Java

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