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From James Dixson <>
Subject Re: [vote] Release 1.0.2
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2009 17:12:04 GMT

On 2/9/09 10:56 AM, "Scott Comer (sccomer)" <> wrote:

> the README.txt has problems:
> 1) the eclipse howto is gone.

There is no Eclipse howto for using Etch, only an Eclipse howto for building
the Etch source. That content was moved to BUILD.txt an is part of the
source distribution.

> 2) the top level directory structure is:
> ChangeLog.txt  LICENSE.txt  README.txt  bin  examples  lib  maven
> uninst.exe

For the windows binary install, yes it is. Is there a problem?

> 3) the release notes are gone.

They exist in the source distribution but not in the binary distro. I will
add them to the binary and respin.

> 4) the path for ETCH_HOME is wrong.

Do you mean the one set by the windows installer? It is setting ETCH_HOME to
the installation path as it should.
> 5) the etch installer name is wrong.

How is it wrong. "Apache-etch-1.0.2-incubating-setup.exe" is what it is.
> 6) Welcome to the 1.0.2 release of (Apache) Etch.

What does this mean?

> 7) we discussed renaming the c# binding dll to Etch-Csharp.dll but this
> hasn't been done.

Out of band conversation.. Not on 'etch-dev'. I agree it should be renamed
but not for 1.0.2.

> scott out
> James Dixson wrote:
>> Ok folks I believe we have a release candidate for 1.0.2. I completed
>> the license/txt changes suggested by the Apache-Rat tool and validated
>> the builds on Windows, OS X and Ubuntu. I also did some cleanup of the
>> top-level directory to reduce clutter.
>> The candidate files can be found here:
>> Each file should have a MD5, SHA1 and a Signature. The output from RAT
>> is also included "*-rat-output.txt".
>> Please take the time to review the archives and then cast your vote. I
>> will hold the vote open until the 13th (Friday).
>> --
>> james

James Dixson
Manager, Software Development
CUAE Engineering, Cisco Systems
(p) 512-336-3305
(m) 512-968-2116

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