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From "Rick Bolkey (rbolkey)" <>
Subject Etch Maven Plugin
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2009 17:01:47 GMT
Hi all,


So I've been developing an etch plugin for maven.  There are a few use
cases I had in mind in developing the plugin, so I would like to present
those as well as go over the general flow of the plugin.  I'd appreciate
some feedback as far as alternative use-cases that could fit within the
scope of the plugin.


I had two use cases directly in mind. 


1)      A user has an etch file in their project, and wants to generate
a binding.

2)      A user has a dependency containing an etch file, and wants to
generate a binding.


Use case #2 service the case if you want to publish an etch file in an
artifact, and allow different projects to generate binding for it.


Right now the plugin consists of one goal that does the following:


1)      Scans through all the compile time dependencies of a project.
If a dependency contains an etch file, that file along with any "txt"
files (for inclusions) are extracted to a temporary sandbox under the
target directory.

2)      Plugin then looks for the  etch file specified in the plugin in
the following locations. 1) as an absolute reference, 2) in
"src/main/etch", and 3) in the sandbox where we extracted all the found
etch files.

3)      Generate the binding based on the resolved etch file.


I think I would like to separate steps 1 and 2 above into separate
goals.  Also, the plugin currently suppresses generation when it detects
the binding has already been generated (this can be overridden using a
"force" parameter.


Please let me know if you want any more details/description.  I need to
run to a meeting.





Richard R. Bolkey

Cisco Systems, Inc

d:  +1-512-336-3322

e: <> 


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